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Saturday, June 11, 2011


So here's a poem I wrote on some principles on equality in marriage;

When God created the heavens and earth
He spoke them into existence
When God created man, He formed him
And breathed life into his nostrils.

But the woman, He fashioned her
Breathing the breath of life from man
Because her nostrils are too delicate.

God allowed sleep to come over man,
So he could patiently and perfectly
Fashion woman, man was put to sleep
So he wouldn't interfere with creativity
From one born, God created woman.

Around this bone, did God shape woman
He modeled her, and created her perfectly
And beautifully; her characteristics were
Made as of the rib, strong yet delicate and fragile

Woman was not taken from mans' feet
To be under him, nor was she taken from
His head, to be over him.
She was taken from his side, to stand
Beside him and ti be held close to his side.

Woman is Gods' perfect angel
His beautiful little princess
Expected to be a splendid woman of excellence
And Heavenly Fathers' eyes fill, when
He sees the virtues of her heart.

Her eyes she shouldn't change
Her lips so lovely when they part in prayer
Her nose so perfect in form
Her hands so gentle in touch
Her face has been caressed in her deepest sleep
Her heart is held so close to her
Heavenly Fathers' and of all that
Lives and breathes, she is the most like Him.

Adam walked with God in the cool of day
Yet he was lonely; he couldn't see God
So everything He wanted Adam to share
And experience with Him,
He fashioned in woman, His holiness
His strength, purity, love, protection and support.

Woman is special because she is
An extension of Heavenly Father
She is His co-creator
Where man represents His image
Woman represents His emotions and together
They represent the totality of God.

So man ought to treat woman well
Love and respect her, for she is fragile
In hurting her, he hurts Heavenly Father
What he does to her, he does to Him
In crushing her, he only damages
His own heart, the heart of his Father,
The heart of her Father!

Woman is to support man
In humility she is to show him
The power of emotion given to
Her by her Heavenly Father
In gentle quietness, she is to show
Him strength, in love she is to him
The rib that protects his inner self

Woman.........bone of his bone
And flesh of his flesh
Woman...because she was taken out of man
Her heart should be hidden in Christ
That man must seek Him first so as to get to her!!!

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