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Thursday, July 14, 2011


As the world continues to change and new things are introduced to us, some things that matter the most are now being put off. Here's a poem to think about:

Days and Times Of.

The paradox of our time on history
Is that we have taller buildings but
Shorter tempers; wider freeways
But narrower viewpoints;
We spend more but have less.
We buy more...but enjoy it less
We have bigger houses and smaller
Families; more conveniences but less time.

We have more degrees but less sense
More knowledge but less judgement
More experts but less solutions
More medicines but less wellness

We have mulyiplied our possessions
But reduced our values; we talk much
Love seldom and hate too often
We're quick to point the mistakes of others
But slow in forgiving, let alone forgetting
we've learned how to make a living
But however, not a life; we've added
Years to life but not life to years.

We've been all the way to the moon and back
And yet have trouble crossing the street
To meet the new neighbor
We've conquered outer space but
Not inner space; we've cleaned up
The air, but polluted the soul
We've the split the atom, but not our prejudice

We've higher incomes but lower morals
We've become long on quantity, but
And short on quality.
We've become too concerned with the
Things of the world, without realizing
Just how much our souls are endangered.

These are times of tall man, but short character
Steep profits and shallow relationships
These are the times of world peace,
But domestic warfare
More leisure but less fun
More kinds of foods but less nutrition

These are the days of two incomes
And more divorce
Days of fancier lifestyles and
Sacrificial of inner beauty
For outer appearance

These are the days of man seeking
Anothers' approval and acceptance
These are the times in which
pleasing man has become more
Common than pleasing God.

This is how much society has changed the truth about what’s important and what should be of priority. There are things that used to matter long back that have been kind if thrown in the back seat in this day. Most of us fail to realize that it is about families first for that’s one thing we get to have forever if we work hard at making it success. Other things seem to take the place of family nowadays.

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