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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Marriage Preparation

As we seek marriage partners, there is more to marriage than what we usually perceive. Marriage is not just a contract between just between two people but it is a covenant between two people and Heavenly Father, it is a covenant that will affect generations to come. As we go about seeking the qualities we want in a marriage partner, it is important that we seek to develop those same qualities and virtues ourselves. Dating is one platform in which we are able to do this. It is one of the best situations in which we get to identify the things we would want on a husband or wife and those that we do not want. It presents us with opportunities to realize our weaknesses and work toward turning them into strengths. Heavenly Father does not ask of us things He hasn’t accomplished Himself and hence we should not expect from others things we are not giving to them. 

It is also important that we understand that there will never be that one perfect person, but that one person can be perfect for us; we can never find someone who is perfect but we can find someone with whom we are compatible.  In the words of our Latter-day prophets, “Choose your love and love your choice!” 

Consider the words in this poem:

Love can make you happy
But often it hurts
It's only special when you give it
To someone who is worth it
Love isn't about becoming somebody else's
"Perfect person", it's about being 
The best person you can be.

Never say "I love you", if you don't mean it
Never talk about feelings if they aren't there
Never touch a life, if you mean to break a heart
Never look someone in the eye, if all you do is lie.

The true measure of compatibility, in love
Is not the years spent together
But how good you are for each other
The essence of trust is not in its
Bind but rather in its bond.

It is so common that sometimes we eliminate other people based on their appearance, gosh I know I do it too. Before, you'd never find me dating a guy my exact height, he had to be at least a few inches taller. You still won't find me dating a guy shorter than me. Sometimes we scratch people based on the little things they do that seem very annoying, quite understandable but before we judge them and put then off, it is only fair to give them the benefit of the doubt. It is fair that we only try to understand why they act or behave the way they do. You'll be surprised to know or find out that there are other things about that one person that you love and admire that make up for those small annoying things. I know of people who eventually got married to people they did not stand at first. I mean what o you have to lose right; it's just a date, not a marriage proposal.

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