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Monday, July 18, 2011

Unkempt Promises

You looked into my eyes
And said you'd always be there
When you held me in your arms
You said you'd never let go
Even though promises are
Never meant to be broken,
I guess some are just
Meant to make us feel better
Because one morning I woke
And you were not there

You led me into believing
That nothing would ever go wrong
Even though you told you loved me
I had to watch you make all those
Mistakes and never say sorry

It was the very first time I saw
The other side to you, the side
I never fell in love with
You cared so much and yet
You went on and broke my heart
You tore my life apart and destroyed
The one thing that ever made sense
To me, you destroyed our family.

When you tried to make amends
You promised you'd make everything okay
But deep inside my heart, I knew
It was way too late.
The damage had been done
The scars left were permanent

Yet through the emotional scars,
The pain, the broken promises
The shattered dreams, I forgave
You, and I forgave myself for
Having blamed you for everything.

I just didn't know if I could live with
Myself or trust anyone ever again
Even though I knew I was the wronged
One, I loved you stii\ll

You were right there
Yet I did not have you
each night I hoped things
Especially you, would change
And try to make up for the time
That was lost, but that turned out
To be just another shattered dream.

All the things I'd have wanted
te get from you, all the hugs,
All the kisses, the I love you's
All those times I needed to hear
You to tell me things would be alright;
That you'd be there, that you'd hold my
Hand, that you'd never let anything
Happen to me, that you'd look out
And for me.....

Through al this, I learned that
All the "I love you's" and all
The promises in the world can
Not and could not keep me from
Getting hurt.

Sometimes parents decide to get divorced for their own selfish reasons and for reasons that they could easily resolve if they chooses to repent and work toward saving their marriage. What they fail to realize is what their divorce often does to their children.

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